International Trotting Association

The International Trotting Association is based in Mississauga of Ontario Canada. This world-wide organization brings together trotting associations, clubs and groups from many different countries.

The International Trotting Association has set a number of objectives for itself and also runs a conference every year for members from around the world to benefit from. The promotion of the growth of trotting and pacing through the world tops the list of aims of the International Trotting Association. They also aim to create both governmental and public interest in the sport as well as its development by organizing meetings, conferences, lectures, providing and publishing magazines and articles, producing tape recordings or films and so forth. They play a role in the planning of trotting and pacing meetings around the world in which horses from various countries can compete. They also assist in the development and implementation of a set of International Rules and Regulations for the sport particularly regarding import and export of trotting horses. The International Trotting Association is also involved in race earnings and racelines data exchange. They are working to bring about a uniform method to identify foals and horses. The association encourages a particular set of methods and period of time for the quarantining of trotting horses. Another aim of the trotting association is to promote an interest in the care, breeding and training of the trotting horse as well as veterinary science and equine research into the breed. As an international association they are also working to create a standard set of Rules and Policies regarding racing and breeding of trotting horses worldwide. The association has done much to create an open electronic communication process amongst members so that a worldwide database can be maintained with records of performance, results and so forth.

The International Trotting Association has set up several commissions and committees to ensure it can meet its objectives. The Advisory Committee consists of 2 past presidents and a delegate from the next host country. Other committees in the association are: Constitution, regulation and audit committee, Racing committee, Breeding committee, animal welfare committee and Marketing & media awards. The International Trotting Association is certainly an important organization in the trotting and pacing industry.