Horseracing Photo Album

To horse lovers and racing enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like seeing that favourite horse streak across the finishing line. It's an immense display of power and speed as the 1000 pounds or more of horse flesh pounds down the race track at speeds in excess of 50 mph, coats gleaming and clad in bright colours.

During the race, the jockeys vie for their place in the winners circle, urging their mounts on faster and faster whilst at the same time fighting off other riders who are just as eager to take first place. The sound of these finely bred equine athletes pounding heavily on the fairway creeps into your chest and urges your heart to beat even faster. By the time they make their way into the final stretch, the excitement in the atmosphere is almost tangible. Your heart is in your throat as your favourite makes his way into the top three. And when at last, he crosses the finish line in first place, you find yourself hugging the closest stranger in complete joy.

It’s a feeling that only those who have been to the races can fully appreciate. And to trainers or jockeys, there’s absolutely nothing better than receiving that bouquet of flowers whilst standing in the winners circle. At, we understand the thrill of a great race. We also know that horse racing wouldn’t be half the sport it is without those spectacular, pedigreed racing animals that have captured the hearts of so many. Sometimes the best way to remember a proud moment is by taking a photograph. Whether your horse won by a nose or by a length, you can be sure that that proud moment has been captured on camera. Whilst we may not have photos from every race around the world, we aim to steadily build our collection of spectacular racing finishes. To this end, if you have a great photo of your horse crossing the finish line, why not send it to us and have it posted on our horse racing Photo Album? It’s a great way to share your moment with fans from all over the world.