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Everything you would like to know about horse racing is available on the pages of this site. You will find details of thoroughbred racing, horse racing tracks, popular racing events, and famous jockeys. You will find it easy to locate racing tips and leads to all aspects of horse racing betting. We cover racetracks across the world, and give you facts on horse racing as enjoyed in Canada, Australia and Scandinavia, and the United States. Participate in the events of your choice and keep yourself up to date no matter where you may be!

No sporting activity can match the thrills of horse racing. It is an ancient form of recreation, once enjoyed by kings and their consorts. Everyone can take part in this day and age, and we have designed our website to maximize your enjoyment of this delightful pastime.

Many of us associate horse racing primarily with racetracks, so we have packed our site with horse racing tips to delight you. Learn how professionals wager, using multiple inputs on animals, riders and race conditions. Find out blood line secrets! Spend anything from a few leisurely hours to a few racy minutes, this site is replete with information, and linked to take you to exactly the page you need. does not miss a beat and keeps up with the latest developments on horse racing from around the world. Do bookmark your favorite pages from this site, and make your visits here a regular pleasure. Discover new forms of the sport such as quarter horse racing, which gains popularity in the United States by the day, or join folks from the other side of the globe in Australia with a passion for harness racing. You can also stay with your old favorite of thoroughbred racing as well, with just a few clicks of the mouse. The choice is yours to enjoy horse racing in whichever manner you like, at the time of your convenience. is a premier site on the absorbing equestrian world. You will find comprehensive and frequently updated information on every angle of riding, races, horses, jockeys, racetracks and wagers. It does not matter where you live – our site is international in character and global in outlook. Old hands at horse racing and novices alike can indulge in the joys of this sport just like the kings of yore. So be our guest and start looking around. We wish you a pleasant and profitable visit, and hope to welcome you again soon!

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