Daily Racing Form

The Daily Racing Form, officially known as the DRF for short, is a publication of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, Murdoch having bought the rights to publish the DRF from fellow news tycoon Walter Annenberg in 1988.

The Daily Racing Form was first published in 1894 and is America’s self-declared “Turf Authority”. It is not exclusive to any particular race track. It can be bought at any racetrack where gambling is permitted, as well as at casinos, off track betting (OTB) locations and even supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Often referred to as “the Bettors Bible”, the Daily Racing Form is much more than just a simple pamphlet with anonymous tipsters picks of the day inside. It can be said that any serious gambler who does not consult the Daily Racing Form is essentially flying blind, being that there are only the posted odds to guide them in selecting their preferred bets. What the Daily Racing Form does is to help bettors make an educated guess at which horses have the best chances of winning on any certain day, track and weather condition.

Inside any issue of the Daily Racing Form you’ll find recent race results, ratings of the better known horses, news from the world of horse racing and columns of racing and racing related issues by nationally syndicated columnists. Also included are the Beyer Speed Figures, originally devised in the 1970s by Andrew Beyer, a regular writer for the Daily Racing Form and The Washington Post. The Beyer Speed Figures assign enumerated ratings to each horse based on their past performances. When scheduled to participate in an upcoming race, any horse can then be compared to its competitors regardless of their past racing history at varied tracks. Naturally, this simplified system of rating race horses makes things much easier for both professional and casual horse wagerers.

The Daily Racing Form has established an online edition with a feature packed website that prominently displays its well known red logo. Now bettors can access the online DRF from their laptops, from the comforts of their homes, workplaces or even the grandstand.