Clinton Horse Racing Track in Canada

If you are a big harness racing fan, why not come to the Clinton Raceway in Ontario. This lovely little Canadian harness racing track features the ever-popular combination of live harness racing, a casino and simulcast race coverage. The track is located in Beech Street in the charming town of Clinton and though it is fairly small, it has every convenience you could possibly need at one racetrack.

Clinton Raceway is open every day of the week for simulcast racing and casino gambling. The track is open from 9 am to midnight from Sunday to Thursday and then from 9am to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. There are roughly 100 slot machines in the casino – the majority of which are 25 cent and 5 cent machines. What’s more, the raceway also as a swimming pool and a café so you can find more than one way to completely refresh yourself before heading home at the end of a fun-filled day. Clinton Raceway is also open to children though it is usually a good idea to always ensure that they are watched over by a trusted guardian to ensure the complete safety of all involved – especially if the children are watching the races or are enjoying the swimming pool. Of course, only those old enough to gamble by law are permitted to do so. The Raceway Café is popular with both children and adults and offers a scrumptious selection of meals for all tastes and sizes.

The track at Clinton Raceway enjoyed its first major meet in 1970, which is when the half-mile track was first made use of. The track facilities are relatively small and there is stabling for 32 horses and enough paddock space for 100 horses for busy race days. Still, there is plenty of space for race patrons and the track can seat over 5,000 people and park 500 cars. The track is wide enough for seven Sulkies and has a speed rating of 203.1. The track surface is stonedust and there is a United Tote system in use at Clinton Raceway. Telephoto finishes ensure that there is never any doubt as to who actually won the race. So come to Clinton Raceway for great harness racing action.

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