Woodlands Race Track in Kansas

Notice on the Woodlands Race Track Website: "The Woodlands, Kansas City, KS The Woodlands racetrack has been closed with all live racing and simulcasting ceasing as of August 23, 2008. We appreciate the many years of patronage of our loyal customers and service of our employees. There are currently no scheduled races or special events being held at The Woodlands property. If you need any further information, you may contact the Missouri corporate offices of W.M. Grace Companies at 816-233-8285"

One of the country’s more unusual and entertaining tracks, Woodlands Race Track is home to a variety of racing events. The most popular of these, of course, is the thoroughbred races which are run on a one-mile oval track. However, Woodlands Race Track also hosts a number of other races such as greyhound and wiener dog races – that’s right, wiener dog races!

This simple yet effective racetrack is situated on Leavenworth Road in Kansas City and it generally holds thoroughbred race meets between September and November. When these fantastic horses aren’t pounding down the 1,030 foot homestretch, excitement is provided in other forms. Greyhound racing has long been a popular alternative and the Woodlands Race Track is known equally for being a horse racing track and for being a greyhound racing facility. In fact, Woodlands was the first duel racing facility to be developed in the US. More recently, however, a new phenomenon seems to be taking the public by storm. Though not as fast or as dashing as the sleek, long-legged greyhound, a fairly large number of dachshund are pitted against each other in a display of speed and stamina. The event, known as the Annual Wiener Dog Nationals, has been running for over a decade and has a strong following. Already more than fifty dogs compete in the race and dog owners from around the country come to race their little vertically challenged canines against the best of the best.

The Woodlands Race Track facilities are well developed and you will be able to find pretty much everything you need right at your fingertips. There are five different restaurants offering a variety of food to cater to different tastes so you should be able to find something you like. There is also ample parking and admission is free to all greyhound and horseracing events. During the rest of the year the venue is available for hire and it is often used for wedding receptions, proms, private parties, festivals and concerts. So come to Woodlands and enjoy the friendly atmosphere…

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