Lincoln State Fair Park Horse Racing Track in Nebraska

Every year from mid-May to mid-July, people from all over Nebraska gather together to enjoy the Nebraska State Fair. Though the fair originally moved from city to city, it was eventually decided that the Lancaster County Fairgrounds would become the permanent home of the fair. That was in 1901, and since then the sprawling city of Lincoln has extended far enough for the fairgrounds to fall within city limits.

Though the Lincoln State Fair Park provides a showcase for the talent, agricultural products and crafts of Nebraska, it has also proved to be a wonderfully entertaining horse racing venue. The Lincoln racetrack is located on the show grounds and every year, as part of the festivities, a number of thoroughbreds are brought here to participate in the state fair races. These amazing horses, bred for speed and stamina, make for an exhilarating race and thousands of spectators flock to the racetrack each year to enjoy the action. Of course, the opportunity to enjoy some friendly wagering also draws numerous people to the track and there is plenty of opportunity to double your money – provided you know which horses are most likely to succeed. The track at Lincoln is not as big as a number of other tracks in the state but it has everything you need to enjoy the races – including a great restaurant with a friendly atmosphere where you can dine to your heart’s content.

The Nebraska State Fair has always been, and continues to be, a place where people can gather together to meet with friends and family from across the country whilst enjoying a variety of entertainment. The State Fair provides a healthy atmosphere wherein people can share their ideas, enjoy friendly competition and have some good old-fashioned fun. The fairgrounds are located on State Fair Park Drive, Lincoln. Come along and enjoy a day at the Lincoln raceswith friends and family.

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