Finger Lakes Race Track in New York

The Finger Lakes Race Track is located in Farmington, Western New York. The track was opened on 23 May 1962 as a thoroughbred horse race track. While it was initially very successful, it has been nearly bankrupt on several occasions. However, closure of the track has somehow always been avoided and the track remains a popular racing destination to date.

The race track saw a huge attendance boost in 2004 when the Finger Lakes Gaming center was opened. The gaming center was part of a $10.5 million renovation to the race track which was designed to bring the track up to standard and increase public turnout. The initiative certainly worked and today this casino-style video gaming floor continues to attract the public long after the racing season has ended. Admission to the track is free but anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by an adult. There are 4,000 parking spaces available and the track can seat approximately 6,000 people. The Finger Lakes Race Track itself measures a distance of one mile and it has a sandy loam surface. There are 1,214 stables and the whole facility is set out on approximately 450 acres of land.

What’s more, the Farmington area is quite attractive and many visitors choose to spend the night at the Finger Lakes Inn where they can enjoy comfortable surroundings, good food and warm hospitality. The casino is open daily between 10am and 2am while the racing season consists of 160 days which stretch between April and November. So, whether you are a jockey, an owner, a bettor or a gambler, you will be quite at home at Finger Lakes Race Track.

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