Monticello Raceway in New York

Opened in 1958, Monticello Raceway is located in the middle of the Sullivan County Catskils vacationland. Fairly good weather conditions mean that the Raceway is able to offer year-round harness racing and spectators and horse owners make good use of this great half-mile track. ‘The Mighty M’, as it is often known amongst competitors and trainers, has proved to be the starting point for many of the great names in the sport over the years.

Monticello is a great track in a great town. Now firmly established in the racing industry, it has taken on the appearance of a stately centre of racing. However, Monticello is perhaps best known for it’s many innovative promotions which have time and again caused a furore and catapulted the race track into the international spotlight. One such promotion was the ‘Rock ‘n Racing’ event in which visitors were entertained by the likes of Frankie Valli, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole and Bobby Vinton, amongst others, as well as being able to enjoy closed circuit championship boxing and excellent racing programs. The event turned in a massive attendance of 17,495 in 1980. Other more unusual promotions include the attempt of an athlete to out-run a horse and an elephant race.

In 1975 Monticello Raceway set a new precedent when it became home to the richest race in the horse racing fraternity. The winner of the Monticello-OTB Classic that year was awarded $250,000. The event continued to carry huge purses until it was discontinued in 1985. Today the New York Sire Stakes is the premier racing event staged at this raceway. Additional visitors are drawn by the Mighty M Gaming facility that was recently installed at the Raceway. The Monticello Raceway has a reputation for being fun and friendly. Why not give it a try?

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