Fair Meadows Horse Racing Track in Oklahoma

If you are planning to enjoy the festivities of the Tulsa County Fair or the Tulsa State Fair, you can also expect to enjoy some great racing. The Fair Meadows Racetrack hosts race meets during both fairs and combines the family-orientated festivities of the fair with the thrill of horseracing. In fact, it’s difficult to find a better combination in the entire state of Oklahoma. Both occasions are equally festive and enjoyable and you certainly won't regret making the most of them.

Fair Meadows is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and this no-frills track usually only conducts races during festival time. Thus races take place between June and July, usually lasting for the duration of the race. The Tulsa County Fair Race Meet usually offers a slightly different showcase from the Tulsa State Fair Race Meet but both provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy some great racing and wagering. Trial races may be held a month in advance to better determine the line-up for the races. The track is a one-mile oval with two chutes to provide for various race lengths, with the distance from the last corner to the finish line being roughly 960 feet. Patrons of any age can enjoy watching the races but those who wish to gamble must, according to state law, be at least eighteen years or older to wager. Simulcast wagering is also available.

Fair Meadows is no ordinary racetrack. Besides combining the enjoyable atmosphere of these two annual fairs with the thrill of racing, the track hosts a variety of horse races. Examples of horse breeds raced here are quarter horses, appaloosas and paint horses. Each breed has its own special characteristics and thus the races are varied and interesting. If you are interested in attending the races at Fair Meadows, you will find that you can easily access the racetrack from Harvard or Yale streets off either Highway 244 or Highway 64. If you’re flying in from out of town, the Tulsa International Airport is only a few minutes from this great track. So join the folks at Fair Meadows next race season and enjoy some exciting horse racing.

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