Goodwood Gears Up

Goodwood Racecourse has always had an air or royalty surrounding it since the days when the Duke of Richmond III brought horse racing to Goodwood for the first time in 1802. It has been the proud home of horse racing in Sussex Downs for over two hundred years, and has retained its high style standards, breathtaking racecourse and quality racing. This year will be no different, as staff and racing enthusiasts await the season’s opening on the 3rd of May 2008 in anticipation of what is to come.

Since the closing of last season, the grounds men and staff at the Goodwood Racecourse have been working tirelessly to prepare the grounds for 2008. They have also brought about visible changes and improvements at the racecourse that will benefit the horse racing community, as well as spectators and punters. The fine parade ring has had a surface change for a higher level of safety for the horses. In the Richmond Enclosure, extra cloakrooms have been added.

Re-painting of surfaces has been done around the clock, giving the facilities a facelift and a fresh, clean look. The tote area has also been increased. Goodwood has also ensured that spectators will be able to enjoy a greater selection of food products at this year’s racing events. When it come to the racetrack itself, one of the bends has been refurbished, the grass has been nurtured to perfection and has passed inspection, and the railings have been gone over with a fine toothcom. This is to ensure that the course is safe and if repairs are required, they can be done before the opening of the horse racing season. The racecourse has also added another £100,000 to their prize money fund, which ensures better purses all round.

In regard to the racing program for the season, twenty-two race meetings have been confirmed, with the biggest being the Glorious Goodwood that takes place between the 29th of July 2008 and the 2nd of August 2008. An estimated one thousand five hundred horses will be arriving to attend the horse racing year, and by the time the last race is run, Goodwood will be ready to give the racecourse the needed time and care is requires to be ready for the next year. With Goodwood Racecourse always ensuring that it is well maintained and improving in its facilities, it is easy to understand why the racecourse has remained a favorite in the horse racing community and amongst those who support the sport of racing.