Horse Racing Tracks

Why is it that some race tracks attract world wide attention in horse racing, while others flounder? It is bad enough that local pressure groups link horse racing to nefarious activity with which it is not related in reality, so every racecourse which gets support from local people and regulators has to become a commercial success. There are many ways for owners to achieve this kind of financial status, though there are tracks with natural and inherited advantages as well.

Most of the top U.K. racecourses have tradition and history on their side. Spectators flock to these sites for their scenic splendor, and for the thrill of watching some action which has been conducted for over a hundred years. Many members of British Royalty are horse racing enthusiasts, and they are large draws when they attend events! Horse racing in the U.K. has such prestige associated with it, that the best owners, riders, and punters cannot resist taking part, even if through a satellite connection!

North American horse racing emphasizes family entertainment. Punters should not have to leave quarrelsome spouses and unhappy children at home! Large video screens and slot machines lend a very contemporary look to the sport in the United States and Canada, while picnic areas, special evenings for women, and extensive grounds with a host of attractions, make horse racing integrate with total recreation offers.

Dubai, which races to the top of the 21st century horse racing world, uses large purses, sheer luxury, and huge scoops of glamour, to make for the fact that it is a relatively new entrant to the sport. It has been able to attract the world’s best thoroughbreds and jockeys, though it is very ‘junior’ compared to racecourses in the South Asia region. Singapore does not take this ‘upstart’ competition lying down, and has decided to compete for world attention through the best stables and synthetic tracks. Thoroughbreds, if they had a say, would certainly opt for the air-conditioned, hygienic, and well-lit quarters that await them in Singapore!

The number of bends, degree of incline, and the length of the straight are some factors which every racecourse can use to distinguish itself from others. Extreme tests of stamina are always magnets of attraction, as are scintillating bursts of speed. Come join us as we surf some of the top race tracks in the world, savoring their pleasures and profits!