New Members Appointed to CHRB

The California Horse Racing Board is responsible for enforcing the horse racing laws of the state, ensuring that regulations are abided by, supervising racetrack wagering and taking action against the parties who violate the racing authorizations. There are seven members on the board and the last two places on the board were filled with appointments by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, namely Bo Derek and David Israel. The new appointments will have to be confirmed by the California Senate, and they will be attending their first official board meeting at the Del Mar Racecourse.

While many remember Bo Derek as the cornrow, blond bombshell love interest of Dudley Moore in the 1979 movie 10, there is a side to Derek that few are aware of. As a horse owner and a horse lover since childhood, Bo Derek has been an active Animal Activist throughout her adult life, becoming an Animal Welfare spokesperson, owning her own pet care company and fighting for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. She also published a very successful book in 2002, titled “Riding Lessons: Everything that Matters in Life I Learned from Horses”. Her dedication to the welfare and care of horses, and animals in general, has made her a noticeable candidate for the job.

The second appointment, David Israel, is better known for his work as a television producer and writer, with “Midnight Caller” and “The Untouchables” being two of his many successes. But before the glory of fame and television found David Israel, he was a determined sports columnist. Keeping readers up to date with the latest sporting news, Israel covered horse racing as well and was there to bring the achievements of horses such as Affirmed and Seattle Slew, to the attention of the public. He was a journalist from 1975 to 1981 and gained a vast knowledge of horse racing and the inner workings of the industry.

Although some have raised criticism in regard to the appointments of both Israel and Derek to the California Horse Racing Board, many are aware of their love for horses, their knowledge of the industry and their dedication to these magnificent athletes and believe that these qualities will serve them well when trying to protect the rights and welfare of horses and looking out for the interests of the industry.

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