Why Horse Racing Enthusiasts are so Passionate about the Breeder’s Cup

Why do some horse racing events mean more to enthusiasts and punters than thousands of other races run all over the world throughout the racing calendar? Race track owners would love to know the answer to this question, for financial returns in this business depend so much on spectator support.

Prize money must have something to do with the popularity of a particular horse racing event, for the best owners and jockeys will not set aside precious time from short seasons for events that are not worth their time. However, this cannot be the sole or the main reason because there is little joy in coming fourth or worse, and it is rare to be certain of a winning position.

The major incentive to participate in a top horse racing event has to be the quality of competition, because everyone in this sport has all-consuming passion to earn fame. Racing Stewards hold the main keys to elevating the international status of a race track, because trust and fair play are the foundations of the best that horse racing has to offer to the world. You cannot make it to the Hall of Fame by taking part in staged events designed to cheat people of their wagers!

Horse racing is an ancient sport, full of tradition, and with a glorious past which it has to match. The best events are not created overnight, and a fair name comes only with consistent and exceptional standards of rivalry between noble steeds and their valiant riders. Stories of raw animal courage, well-crafted strategies, and courses which test every sinew make people flock like migrating birds to witness legendary events.

The Breeders Cup is amongst the top horse racing events in the United States. The event has taken place for over two decades, and attracts international interest, apart from the best horses and jockeys in the continent. All U.S. race tracks can aim to host the Breeders Cup, and a top site is chosen for the honor each year. Though the prize money is generous and rises appreciably each year, it is the prestige of holding the beautiful trophy, which attracts the best contestants in this sport. The Breeders Cup is held each November, and is a red letter day in the schedule of horse racing lovers everywhere!