Horse Racing is on in Moscow

Horse racing is an engaging Russian attraction from every May to September. Events are held on all Wednesdays and weekends. The Moscow Derby, which was conducted for the first time in the late 19th century, has survived communist regimes and a major fire in the 1950s, to continue as an important event in Moscow’s calendar. The Derby is now named after a legendary jockey Nikolai Nasibiov, while soccer has hijacked the term ‘Derby’!

Moscow horse racing is conducted at the Hippodrome. The latter accommodates no less than 10 thousand horse racing enthusiasts, and is luxuriously spread over almost 50 acres of land. Trotting in memory of top Generals of the erstwhile USSR, feature at this site apart from the usual flat races. The Hippodrome is a grand structure, designed after the typical style of Moscow architecture. It features a modern pari-mutuel computer system, so visitors can use outings to indulge in some modest sports betting.

The Orlov Trotter is a famous breed which is reared and trained by the people who manage horse racing at the Moscow Hippodrome. This breed is a graceful trotter, and sturdy and full of courage, though other 20th century breeds have developed higher speeds.

Though Russian horse racing is yet to acquire the glamour and high stakes of its peers in other countries, a visit to the Hippodrome serves to complete an impression of the noble and gallant heritage of this land and its people.