Preserving an Important Horse Racing Tradition

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on November 13, 2006

One of the most endearing characteristics of horse racing is its honor of deep rooted traditions. The manner in which thoroughbreds are bred, trained and cared for, go back uncounted generations. Horse racing methods have not changed much either, though electronics, satellites and the Internet have revolutionized sports betting conventions.

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Sharpen Your Senses for Breeders Cup Day

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on November 10, 2006

Stepping through the entrance gate of any major track on Breeders Cup day instantly snaps the senses to attention...among the grandeur of those twin spires of Churchill Downs or beneath the hundred-year-old trees of Saratoga Racecourse, for example, the feeling of self becomes clouded as you mesh with the other 75,000 or so attendees to watch the day’s events unfold.

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First Blood of Horse Racing

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on November 6, 2006

Horse racing depends on the nobility, courage, competitive spirit, strength and stamina of thoroughbreds. You cannot have everything in any one animal, but many of them exhibit combinations of features which make them the stuff of legends. Horse racing is an intense sport, and while years of training and riding skill go in to every event which lasts but minutes, it is the bred quality and innate characteristics of horses which makes the difference between champions and also-rans.

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Why You Should Back the NTRA

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on November 2, 2006

Horse racing lovers all over the world may support or oppose President Bush, but his exclusion of our favorite sport from his new gambling ban is certainly a matter for universal celebration! Horse racing is a sport with rational ways of picking winners. Pari-mutuel wagering is fair and equitable. Horse racing, when properly administered, makes significant revenue contributions for social development, while providing healthy outdoor recreation. It is one of the few forms of modern pastimes which bind us to our ancestors, for it is amongst the most ancient of sports.

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New Ways to Enjoy Horse Racing During Winter in the U.K

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on November 1, 2006

“Too bad, the horse racing season is coming to an end”. What can be worse than hearing this refrain amongst friends? Modern horse racing tracks and drainage systems have made horse racing possible even just after a sharp shower, and the Swiss have found a way of horse racing on ice, but most of the temperate world remains with less than even 50 days of events in a calendar year.

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Why Horse Racing Enthusiasts are so Passionate about the Breeder’s Cup

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on October 30, 2006

Why do some horse racing events mean more to enthusiasts and punters than thousands of other races run all over the world throughout the racing calendar? Race track owners would love to know the answer to this question, for financial returns in this business depend so much on spectator support.

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