Horse Racing Wagering

Truths and fables are so intricately inter-woven in horse racing circles that separating the two can be quite a task! Some of the most voluble ‘friends’ can be entirely misleading, as they proffer tips without substance or good intent. Horse racing has a glamorous image of fashionable people making daring bets, but the reality is about the serious following of a most competitive sport!

Wagering is at the heart of horse racing, because seeing your chosen horse and rider combination take the field is such a joy. The thrill of winning a bet in horse racing can make up for a number of disappointments - in emotional if not numerical terms.

We offer here three horse wagering principles to keep your head above water, and 3 deep pitfalls which you should avoid:

Principles to follow:

Pitfalls to Avoid:

There is no shortage of theories and advice on wagering in the horse racing world. It helps to take all inputs into consideration, provided that losses are kept within affordable limits. Do keep an account of your cumulative record and happy wagering!


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