Peachtree Racing Stable Inc.

Peachtree Racing Stable Inc. in Florida is well known amongst America's leading thoroughbred horse racing stables. Owned by John P. Fort, the stables were set up in 1981. Fort's extensive knowledge and experience has placed his business at the forefront of establishing horse racing partnerships. Peachtree's main objectives are to produce exquisite championship thoroughbred racehorses, which in turn will generate great profits for their partners.

Peachtree Racing Stable’s head trainer is Todd Pletcher, the driving force behind the many success stories of the stables, including turning out several Kentucky Derby competitors. Offering one of the best partnership programs in the the country, Peachtree takes on a very participative approach. Partners are involved in just about every step of thoroughbred racing. By being involved in decision-making all the way to victory celebrations in the winners circles, partners enjoy the entire racing experience.

John Fort, owner of Peachtree Racing Stables Inc., has a long history with horses and has been involved in horse-related activities since a very young age. Under the care of expert trainers Woody Stephens and Max Hirsch, Fort began taking an interest in thoroughbred horse racing at the training center in Columbia. He would watch the morning workouts and this motivated him to begin his own career with horses. On graduating from college John Fort became a shooting star in the polo world. During 1976 he began his own farm in South Carolina, focusing on the breeding and training of top racehorses. He spent many hours riding horses and managing his flourishing business. Fort gained a keen eye for a championship horse and has made a name in the industry as such.

John Fort was always determined to improve his skills and thus during 1979 he became involved at Calumet farm where he would assist in training. Fort transferred his stable to Atlanta in 1981, naming it Peachtree. Peachtree has developed into a nation-renowned establishment. Fort makes every effort to involve his partners in the process. They are familiarized with the horses, trainers and jockeys. It is vital for partners to feel that they have made a contribution to the efforts and success of their horses. A truly remarkable establishment, Peachtree Racing Stables Inc. is certainly the horse farm of choice in Florida.