Horse Racing Organizations

There are many horse racing organizations in the United States that provide services to every participant in the industry including breeders, trainers, and racing tracks, improving the horse racing experience for both animal and its owner.

Enhance Your Horse Racing Experience

Horse racing is an absorbing pastime that should be enjoyable and profitable as well. Learning as much as you can about the sport, can make it work to your best advantage. There are many organizations, associations and clubs that you can join in order to enhance your horse racing experience. You can collect more information this way than if you were to try and read all the books and rules on your own. Most horse racing groups have websites for your convenience.

Individual States each have horse racing commissions. Their websites have information on the rules that govern the sport at race tracks under their jurisdiction. Horse racing commissions also have systems of licensing for bookmakers, owners and for other participants as well. The Pari-Mutuel Wagering Act is a crucial piece of legislation that seeks to protect the interests of punters. You should know the rules that apply to the State of your residence or where you follow horse racing. There are also new points to consider when you enter the world of online sports betting for the first time, and you will find helpful information in this regard on

Breeders, owners, punters, bookmakers and other stakeholders in the world of horse racing have associations of their own, and it will benefit you to accept memberships of groups in which you have interests. Joining a group of thoroughbred owners for example, gives you access to an insider network from which you can find out about horses for sale, free horse racing tips and related matters.

Organizations may operate at the local, State, national or international levels. It is a good idea to take advantage of membership benefits for at least one association in each of these tiers, because this gives you an integrated view of horse racing as you compare how the sport functions at various levels. Some people prefer to join specialized clubs of jockeys and other specialists. This approach has the advantage of offering a ringside seat to animated discussions on a number of controversial issues!

Some of the more well-known horse racing organizations include

Not everyone has time to visit the websites of a large number of horse racing associations and organizations, but still appreciate holistic and current information. is a great choice for such people, because we scour the entire Internet to bring you the latest and best from the world of horse racing. Your suggestions and special requests are more than welcome!