Oakwood Horse Racing Farms

Located just one hour west of St. Louis, Missouri, you will find the stunning Oakwood Farm thoroughbred breeding facility. Situated in the heart of Missouri Wine Country, Oakwood Farm combines passion, tradition and technology in an effort to provide excellent facilities and great horses. There is no doubt that resident horses benefit from the grassy paddocks and pastures and big, shady trees – things which are typical of this picturesque part of Missouri.

Oakwood Farm is a fairly large breeding facility which makes use of box stalls, turn-out paddocks and pastures. They specialise in breeding thoroughbred and paint horses for racing and sport. Their emphasis is on quality – both in the level of service they provide and in the type of horses they are attempting to breed. Oakwood currently has four stunning thoroughbred stallions standing at stud and two beautiful paints – all of which are turning out excellent offspring. They offer a full service boarding facility for those who wish to have their mare’s covered, and can arrange shipping for horses if necessary. They also ship semen at reasonable rates so even if you live too far away to bring your mare for coverage, you can still enjoy the benefits of breeding from their stallions. In addition to stallions, Oakwood Farm has a number of good-quality mares which can be used. Oakwood Farm is constantly moving their stock, gaining better horses and moving off either well-bred offspring or slightly inferior animals in order to ensure that they are able to offer the highest standards possible. If you are looking to breed it is usually best to contact them directly with your requirements and see if they are able to match them.

Oakwood Farm takes pride in their horses and their business. They see a number of great foals moved on each year and enjoy hearing from customers who have success stories to tell about them. Why not contact Oakwood Farm and see what they can do for you?