Horse Racing Analysis as a Top Winning Technique

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on September 8, 2006

Video replays add greatly to the traditional method of close observation of horse racing events to pick future winners. Connoisseurs of the sport have always delighted at spotting significant moves during a race which have escaped general attention, and using such rare insights for rare handicapping success. Most of these analytical skills have remained inside the minds of a privileged few until the dawn of the current electronic age.

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A Top International Horse Racing Name

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on September 6, 2006

Horse racing can hardly get more international than this! It is English by origin, but with important bases in Australia, the United States and South Africa, and an Arab Sheikh as owner. The Darley Stud Management Company truly spans the globe with a consistent stream of some of the best thoroughbreds the world has ever seen.

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Synthetic Tracks Make Horse Racing Safer

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on September 4, 2006

Since horse racing is sometimes criticized for its safety record, every effort to avoid accidents during races is worthwhile. Some risks relate to dangerous riding and racing stewards hand out tough punishments whenever they come across such incidents. However, soggy and uneven racing tracks can also cause horses to stumble, and hence artificial surfaces offer much promise to make horse racing safer.

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Why Horse Racing Tops Other Forms of Sports Betting

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on September 1, 2006

The role of the animal sets horse racing apart from other forms of sports betting. No other form of gambling can match the exhilaration of picking winners of events at race tracks. Horse racing is an ancient sport, once the preserve of royalty, but it is only one of the multifarious roles given by people through the ages to this magnificent species of animals. Horses have been used for agriculture, transport and in war, and some traditional communities continue to keep them as part of their heritage.

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Ascot Brings Shame on Horse Racing

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on August 29, 2006

Many horse racing lovers attach a kind of reverence to the name of Ascot. Supported by British Royalty, the race track has long been synonymous with the best traditions of this ancient sport. Ascot has also been the beneficiary of major fund injections to help it upgrade to cutting-edge standards and to retain its vanguard position in the world of horse racing.

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Kindling New Flames of Public Passion in Horse Racing

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on August 21, 2006

History does not support the spread of horse racing as a popular sport. It has a record of being the preserve of royalty and the wealthy. However, there is no reason why everyone should not enjoy horses and sports betting. What can race track operators do to keep their turnstiles moving? Here are 5 successful approaches that have worked around the world:

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