Let Us build a Better Future for Horse Racing

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on June 28, 2006

Horse racing, if not exactly as old as the hills, is certainly one of the oldest forms of recreation known to people and to countries. It has spread from a passion of royalty and the elite, to entertainment which is entirely egalitarian in character. Horse racing has also spread from pockets of the ancient and colonial worlds to all corners of the globe. Computers and satellites have made it possible for punters to follow their favorite form of sports gambling at distant race tracks and throughout the year as well.

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Want to Race? – Horse Racing

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on June 23, 2006

Magna Entertainment Corporation in Toronto needs a new honcho to run its horse racing business. The old CEO has handed in his papers. Tom Hodgson, who used to work for a company dealing with auto papers, took a year at Magna before he discovered that he did not understand horse racing!

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Incredible Horse Racing Deal from Saratoga

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on June 22, 2006

Though horse racing in ancient times was the sport of kings, it is a democratic right in the United States of today. Owning one horse is special enough, but how about 15 of them? This dream can be true for no more than $4 thousand!

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The Scottish Horse Racing Delights of June

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on June 20, 2006

Any time is suitable for a visit to the romantic and inspiring climes of Scotland, but June is really the best month as far as horse racing enthusiasts are concerned. No other place can match Scotland's heart warming efforts to bring entire families together at scenic race tracks. Horse racing blends seamlessly with other forms of recreation in this historic and beguiling land.

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Who Can Compete for this Horse Racing Gold Mine?

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on June 19, 2006

No horse racing enthusiast, whether in the United States or anywhere else, can claim to be unaware of names such as Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct. The New York Racing Association has conducted events at these glorious race tracks for more than half a century. The horse racing world has witnessed some of the most exciting events at these race tracks, and riders dream of riding to victory at these legendary sites.

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Horse Racing Math

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on June 15, 2006

Ranking of nations with respect to horse racing has undergone rather dramatic change. The glory of Epsom and Kentucky seem to be under attack as new centers of excellence emerge for the sport. Stable and horse breeding farm ownership patterns have shifted as well, with enthusiasts from countries relatively new to horse racing investing systematically in acquiring key assets in the traditional strong holds such as the U.K. Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai are some of the places which did not have vanguard positions in the horse racing world of the 20th century, but which are now some of the most exciting places to follow events.

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