400 Years of Horse Racing History

The Newmarket area in London has witnessed horse racing since the 17th century. It continues to be a major center for the sport of horce racing and horse racing history to this day, which must be a world record for any kind of outdoor recreation activity. It is similar to the Bluegrass area of Lexington, Kentucky, but two hundred years, and now in the midst of a more urban setting. Native Indians must have enjoyed some form of horse racing before our forefathers arrived on the continent, and it is a great pity that we have no records of this, though Aleutians were known for great skills of horsemanship.

The ancient roots of horse racing are among its most alluring aspects, and it is symbolic of the role these majestic, brave and noble animals played before automobiles same along. Even now, we measure the power of the latest cars in terms of them. Horse Power is so synonymous with force and energy that it has survived swathes of new technology to remain a measure in the physical sciences.

There is much to celebrate in the history of horse racing, and that is why all horse racing lovers must congratulate the British government for deciding to invest substantial money in restoring the horse racing estates of King Charles II, which date back to the 1600s. Horse racing will return to the site after a long gap.

Now there’s an event worth crossing the Atlantic to see!