Horse Racing Clubs

Horse racing clubs are organizations that have both competitive and social elements and are very popular among horse racing enthusiasts. Race horse owners form clubs to exchange information about horses, trade, buy or sell race horses. Successful racing clubs are found all over the world with clubs dealing on an international level found in Great Britian and England as well as South Africa, Hong Kong, Argentia, Scotland, and New Zealand.

The Role of a Jockey Club in Promoting Horse Racing Interests

A Jockey Club presents a relaxed and exclusive way for horse racing lovers to
transact business between members, and is also used to enjoy some refined social
interaction. Followers of horse racing share a number of interests. Odds betting
and the equine species are obvious topics, but fashion, works of art, fine dining,
bloodlines, elegant living and the sporting way of life are some of the other subjects
on which horse racing lovers like to meet and share experiences. Clubs present relaxed
ways of both doing business and enjoying refined social interaction, so they mix well
with the aristocratic and adventurous world of horse racing.

The most famous institution in this category bears a generic title of “The Jockey Club”. It is over one hundred years old, and is steeped in the best traditions of horse racing. The Jockey Club is based in the prime “Bluegrass” area of Lexington, Kentucky, and has an office in New York City as well. Breeding thoroughbred horses is the original aim of this organization, but it has diversified to embrace many other aspects of horse racing as well. It does this through a network of subsidiary organizations. The Jockey Club discharges the important responsibility of keeping track of all thoroughbred breeds in North America.

The oldest Jockey Club is in England. It was formed in 1752, when the word jockey referred to an owner rather than to a rider. This Jockey Club met informally at Pall Mall and Hyde Park in London, before getting a place of its own in Newmarket. The Jockey Club has always been a body reserved for horse racing enthusiasts, and wielded tremendous influence over the sport before the British Horse Racing Association was formed.

Most race tracks in the United States, as well as in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and other countries have clubs at the local level. The majority of them focus on sports betting facilities, but some also offer reserved seating, dining and other privileges at race courses. The Arabian Jockey Club, which is based in Aurora, Colorado, is an example of a club built around special interests in a particular kind of horse racing.

The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities promotes horse racing on a global basis. It was formed in 1961 by constituent units in France, Great Britain, Ireland and the United States. The aim is to ensure relevant and productive regulation of international horse racing, and to improve the quality of breeding as well. The Federation has an annual conference in Paris, and has grown to include over 150 member countries.

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