Breeding Horses

Why Breeding Knowledge Helps in Horse Betting

Everyone dreams of winning large amounts of cash in the betting odds of horse racing. The sport does of course have many recreational and entertainment dimensions, so punters can enjoy the thrills of races and the elegant spectacle of people in their finery at events, even if they are unsuccessful in horse racing betting. Nevertheless, it is normal to want to make quick windfalls of money, and hence betting on the outcome of a horse race is always a top draw.

Punters who understand the science of breeding and genetics have relatively better chances of staying on top of betting odds. Bookmakers may not want you know this trade secret, but everyone can come up with a winning strategy in horse betting. It is a matter of studying details of both parents of a foal for about three generations. Top breeders typically participate in the mating of less than two brood mares a year, because there is so much work to be done in studying the habits, temperament, health records and horse racing performance of prospective stallions and mares. Directories maintained by horse racing associations help to an extent, but with high stakes involved, you have to get down to ground zero at the stables.

Not all foals of successful horse racing studs and fillies are as good as their preceding generations. Staff at the stables and trainers use their decades of experience to spot potential horse racing champions. You can develop the skills necessary to gauge the potential of a young horse, but it needs many hours of regular footwork at breeding farms, stables and at race courses as well during training hours.

Specific racing conditions matter as well. The rider, the length of the race, wind conditions and the conditions of grass and soil under hooves, all make the difference for who wins on any particular day. Competition between combinations of jockeys and horses is obviously a big factor. Bookmakers base their profits by spreading odds between horses in each race. Online gambling gives you this option as well, because you can bet against horses in addition to betting in favor of a win or a place for one of them.

Tips are overrated in the matter of horse racing betting, and it is difficult to get reliable information unless you have a generous uncle who has succeeded in the tough world of horse racing for years! It makes better sense, if you would like to enjoy success in betting odds, to learn how to study horse pedigrees and watch them at practice and in the stables. Horse racing will come alive for you, and you can enjoy a newfound love for the sport apart from making handsome returns on your investments in time and effort.

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