A Future Seen in Indygo Mountain

As the big names in horse racing are retired, or are headed that way, spectators and racing enthusiasts start to look to the younger horses so as to try and determine who will be the next great superstar in the fast paced world of horse racing. The retirement this year of some of the most legendary racehorses of our time has left a large void in the industry, and everyone is wondering which horses will replace them and who has the potential to take on prestigious racing events such as the Kentucky Derby.

On Wednesday, 19 November 2008, one horse definitely got tongues wagging. Indygo Mountain, according to punters, is the new kid on the block that everyone should keep an eye on. Most racing gurus speculate that the reason for Indygo Mountain only placing second in his first career start while running at the Keeneland Racecourse on 15 October 2008, was due to his jockey E.T. Baird losing his whip during the race. This assumption was given credibility when Indygo Mountain powered his way to victory in his second career start.

Ridden by Jamie Theriot, Indygo Mountain cruised along the racecourse without showing any signs of distress or fatigue. Theriot sat motionless with almost nothing to do but to enjoy the ride. Indygo Mountain took the lead just as they hit the final stretch, and only then did Theriot give him two small taps of the whip to let him know it was time to get down to business. Indygo Mountain did not have to be asked twice as he began opening up a six length gap between himself and his fellow contenders. Indygo Mountain proved to the horse racing industry that he has the power and strength to develop into a noteworthy racehorse. Trainer Bret Calhoun expressed his joy after Indygo Mountain won, saying: “We obviously have high expectations for him; it looks like we have a nice prospect on our hands."

Indygo Mountain is owned by Clarence Scharbauer Jr., was sired by A.P. Indy and was foaled by Mountain Girl. He will be heading to New Orleans to participate in his next racing event at the Fair Grounds Racecourse. If Indygo Mountain continues to gain experience and improve on his racing technique, many believe that this might just be the next Kentucky Derby winner.

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