A Good Friday Date for Horse Racing Lovers

Visits to stables help punters get free horse racing tips from stable hands, riders, trainers and owners, who they do not get chances to meet during event days. Days when the lay public can drop in to observe top race horses at close quarters also serve to raise awareness of and following for this ancient sport.

The Middleham stables in UK’s Yorkshire have an open day every Good Friday. A fair with stalls to entertain the whole family, are added attractions. Blacksmiths, also called farriers, show off their skills in looking after hooves, which are foundations of top horse racing.

Yorkshire has a rich horse racing history and continues to host a number of the best breeding and training facilities. Many legendary race horses have been conceived and foaled in its verdant surroundings.

Though stables are right to protect their vital interests by restricting visitors on a regular basis, an Open Day is always an event to which enthusiasts can look forward. Do remember, if you are unfamiliar with stables, not to get too close to the animals or to try and feed them! Asking to ride a champion is naïve and rude, apart from the probability that the request will be abruptly turned down! Nevertheless, everyone can get great pleasure from observing the regal animals even from a respectful distance!