A Heady Mix of Horse Racing and Wine Tasting

No horse racing experience can be complete without a sojourn in California. The deliciously moderate climate combines beautifully with verdant race courses, transparent pari-mutuel wagering systems, and some of the best horses and riders in the world, to provide punters and spectators with experiences to savor for lifetimes.

The late July to mid-August period is one of the best for horse racing enthusiasts to visit California, for it is during this period that the Sonoma County Fair is held. A gala exposition of the most varied entertainment and recreation to be had in one complex, the Sonoma County Fair is an opportunity without parallel for exquisite summer fun.

Organizers of the Sonoma County Fair go to extraordinary lengths to cater to all kinds of tastes of the milling crowds who grace this celebrated event each year. 2006 is no exception, with a schedule packed with creative and exciting events. Horse racing lovers need not worry if they have family members with other interests, because a vacation in these embracing surroundings has plenty to appeal to all ages and backgrounds.

A unique feature of the Sonoma County Fair is that it combines sports betting opportunities, with options to add wine tasting tours in the agricultural wonderland of California. Aficionados of this cultured beverage category will revel in the chance to tour some of the vineyards, which have taken the world by storm, and which are managed by wonderfully companionable people.

The Sonoma County Fair is excellently located, and easy to access by road. There is a wide choice of good quality lodgings in the neighborhood, and these cater superbly to the needs of visitors from far corners of the United States, and from other countries as well. Sportspeople will be glad to know that there is plenty of golf around, with courses and amenities to challenge those proficient at the sport, and simultaneously, plenty to interest curious novices.

Horse racing, sports betting, and simulcast wagering, at the Sonoma County Fair, are all from the top drawers of this global sport. What however sets this scenic and popular entertainment hub apart is a charming mix of equestrian life with sublime wine culture. It does not matter whether you live next door, or at a far corner of the world, pack your bags now and get down to this supreme horse racing vacation offer!