A Reign of 250 Years Ends in British Horse Racing History

April 2006 is a watershed year for British horse racing, as a new regulator takes charge of the sport in Great Britain.

Transparent and fair rules and conditions are pre-requisites for all horse racing gambling and betting activities. Horse racing all over the world has long been plagued by allegations of events being rigged. Many potential punters have stayed away from horse racing because they did not want to risk their stakes in sports betting of dubious reputation. Horse racing enthusiasts can grow rapidly in number if regulation is entirely above board.

The Jockey Club, which is a private body that has run horse racing in Great Britain for 250 years, has now formed a new subsidiary called the British Horseracing Regulatory Authority to oversee all aspects of the sport in the country. The intention is for the new organization to become an independent and autonomous body in due course. This will leave the Jockey Club free to pursue its interests in running racecourses, breeding and property management.

This move is sure to attract new punters to follow horse racing in Great Britain as reliable horse racing betting conditions are in the vital interests of punters everywhere. The British Horseracing Regulatory Authority could well become a model for other countries to follow. It is certainly a step in the right direction for horse racing in general.

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