A Top Horse Racing Tradition

A family name and title that evokes widespread respect in the worlds of both Islam and horse racing is that of the Aga Khan. The spiritual heads of this forward looking and liberal sect of Muslims have been avid followers of horse racing over the best part of the last 100 years.

The people of the Middle East have cared for horses since time immemorial, and the Aga Khans established their first stable in British India during the 19th century. However, it was shortly after World War I that the Aga Khan at that time invested in horses in a big way in England. His interest quickly spread from the race track to breeding, and it was not long before he became the discerning owner of top blood lines.

The Aga Khans have backed their love for horse racing with a meritorious balance between breeding and training of the best international standards. The stamps of diligence and perfection which have marked the numerous social development projects which the family has always managed for their followers, is seen at their stables as well. A mark of how much the family loves the sport is seen from the fact that some of the best thoroughbreds from their stables are named after members of the clan.

The Aga Khans have established an awesome reputation for breeding champions. They have done more for horse racing throughout the 20th century than any other comparable sect, and the glorious tradition continues to this day. Their stables have produced legendary champions the effects of which have been imprinted in France apart from the United Kingdom.

The continuous support that the Aga Khans have extended to horse racing for generations has done much to raise the head of the sport, which at times in maligned by those who do not care for its best traditions. All events, breeding and training with which the Aga Khans have been associated, has never failed to meet exacting standards of transparency and fair play-they have indeed established a lofty paradigm for others to follow!