A Top International Horse Racing Name

Horse racing can hardly get more international than this! It is English by origin, but with important bases in Australia, the United States and South Africa, and an Arab Sheikh as owner. The Darley Stud Management Company truly spans the globe with a consistent stream of some of the best thoroughbreds the world has ever seen.

Though race horse breeding encompasses the most valued traditions in horse racing, Darley does not fail to further time honored conventions of preserving blood lines with state of the art techniques of database development. The company has comprehensive and fully indexed records of the best mares in the sport, and has established expertise in selecting the right stallion from their collection to produce worthy champions of the future.

Darley’s contribution to horse racing is not through breeding alone. The company also runs a management course for young people who wish to make careers in horse racing. Tuition is free, with a living allowance thrown in, and trainees get to see the world as they learn from Darley professionals all over the world.

Whether you own a mare, or wish to buy a horse or would like to follow an animal of unmatched pedigree, Darley is a name that no horse racing enthusiast can afford to ignore. The company participates in leading auctions and any of the horses either sired under their management or owned by them, never fails to present exceptional value.

Darley’s forays in to new countries have not always been welcomed at the outset, but that has not stopped the company from making successes of all its ventures. Darley’s entry in to Australia for example, was viewed with a great deal of suspicion, but the Sheikh’s subsequent investments in the country have won over most opponents.

Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai and Darley’s enthusiastic and committed owner has planned to build the Folly Hill Stud off Moulton Road near Newmarket. The horse racing world can look forward to better performance standards from the sport, with this resourceful expansion of a stable with such a tremendous track record.