Aqueduct Racecourse Makeover

The Aqueduct Racecourse in Queens, New York, is a part of the city’s history as it was officially opened in 1894. During 1959 the track was rebuilt, and over the years renovations and improvement had been made to advance the facilities, yet still there has been talk of shutting down. After years of offering the public quality live horse racing action and welcoming some of the best horses in the industry to the track, the thought of closure was traumatic to everyone involved.

However, the Aqueduct Racetrack, also referred to as the Big A, managed to hold on long enough, as the SL Green Corp has come forward with a revitalization proposal for the track that will not only secure its future as a horse racing venue, but lure more spectators and curious members of the public to visit the track and enjoy its facilities. General suggestions have been made in regard to the renovations and what SL Green Corp has envisioned for the racecourse.

The most outstanding feature of the renovations project, which has received support from all the community groups, is the fact that SL Green wants to involve local business and members of the community in all aspects of the project. This will generate an estimated six hundred construction jobs and more than five hundred operational jobs in the first phase of the project alone. The state will also experience an increase in revenue and development and support of the horse racing industry will be encouraged in the region.

Some of the developments at the Aqueduct Racecourse will include the input of the Hard Rock brand to breathe new life into the racecourse and the project will hopefully create facilities such as a hotel, gaming floor for video lottery terminals, a spa, fitness centre, restaurants, retail outlets and a live entertainment venue. Permanent fixtures, such as those mentioned, will also create new employment opportunities which will in turn stimulate the local economy and that of the state. Over and above the new facilities, the Aqueduct Racecourse will still host its wonderful horse racing events as it always has. Through the interest shown by SL Green Corp, local businesses, and big names such as Hard Rock, the racecourse has received a renewed chance to carry forward the tradition of horse racing, as it has since 1894.