Breeders Cup: Watch out for Lava Man!

Falling leaves are not the only sign of autumn if you love horse racing as The Breeders Cup, which takes place every November, generates enthusiastic debate and speculation about who will win. Ordinary thoroughbreds and jockeys do not take part in this prestigious event, and indeed every contestant is a champion of some standing. 2006, according to some knowledgeable observers, may be somewhat different in this respect, because word of a hot tip has begun the rounds.

The combination of Corey Nakatani riding Lava Man trained by Doug O’Neill has captured the imagination of many horse racing veterans!

Lava Man must be one of the most exciting geldings of all time. The animal is 5 years old, and the thunderous 2006 record proves that he is clearly at a fearsome peak for all his rivals. With winning well over $2 million, Lava Man is ripe for the honor of the Breeders Cup. Trainer O’Neill has been with horse racing since 1986, and has well over 100 wins in 2006. Lava Man is clearly a rare gem of all the thoroughbreds with which O’Neill has ever worked.

Corey Nakatani will ride Lava Man at the Breeders Cup. Like O’Neill, Corey is also a California resident and has over 100 wins in 2006 under his stirrups. Nakatani is no newcomer to the Breeders Cup, having lifted the trophy 5 times already! Nakatani and Lava Man are certainly a winning combination as the Breeders Cup draws closer by the day. However, this combination can expect no cake-walk for a top event, and will have to contend with competition which entirely matches them in every respect.

Lava Man will train at Keeneland for over a fortnight before the big race, and is a strong contender for the trophy by any reckoning. However, Churchill Downs is not a familiar track for him, and Lava Man is not known to be a great traveler. However, trainer O’Neill feels that such issues will not come in the way of his ward putting in a memorable performance at the Breeders Cup.