Bulwark takes Chester Roodee Racecourse by Surprise

On Wednesday, 7 May 2008, approximately eighteen thousand spectators filled the Chester Roodee Racecourse in anticipation of the Chester Cup. Bustling with excitement, bets were made on the winning favorites for the day. The name Bulwark had hardly featured, ending up as the 33-1 long shot. Many times before fans had placed money on Bulwark only to be disappointed by his seeming lack of interest, when all he needed was a little understanding and a fresh start.

When jockey Jim Crowley began convincing trainer Ian Williams to buy Bulwark at a sale last year, the trainer did have his doubts. Before him stood a beautiful horse with a few issues and not a great racing career. But Crowley would not back down from his conviction that if Bulwark was given the right opportunity and time to help him work through his issues he would become a Chester Cup champion, and he was right.

The cheers of joy and pure exhilaration from owners, Dr. Marwan Koucash and Peter Legros, could be heard above the deafening silence of disbelief that blanketed the spectators at Chester Roodee Racecourse. Legros, who has owed horses for more than twenty years, convinced Koucash to buy a fifty percent share in his horse. It would be the most profitable investment Koucash could have made, and Bulwark is by far the most successful horse that Legros has ever owned.

Cowley used his belief in the abilities of Bulwark and his knowledge of his horse to wait for the right moment to let Bulwark slip into a winning position. Knowing that he is a horse that needs a lot of cover during a racing event, and that he is a naturally quirky horse, Cowley rolled with his left to right ducking, getting him back on the bridle each time, and then finding a gap to leave front runners Tilt and Som Tala battling for second and third position.

Spectators were astounded at the strength, speed and toughness that Bulwark had shown, yet disappointed in themselves that they had given up hope on Bulwark. He has now finally shown the racing community that he has what it takes to be an outstanding champion.