Careers in Horse Racing Regulation

The industry of horse racing is one of adventure, excitement and adrenalin. It is at the many racecourses around the world that speed, strength and endurance are tested everyday, and spectators support the racecourses for the thrill and for the love of the sport. Not many of those spectators realize how much work is done before the starting gates open, or what goes on behind the scenes. Horse racing is not just a sport that opens doors for racehorses, jockeys, owners and trainers but has many career opportunities available at the racecourses, such as regulation careers.

People who hold positions and are currently working on their regulation careers at a racetrack, are vital to the horse racing industry. Without them, racing would not be able to take place. Careers in regulation include Judges, Steward’s Secretaries, Starters, Clerks of Scales, Stable Inspecting Officers, Stable Guards, Sponsor Compliance Officers, Inspectors of Courses, Weighing Room Security Officers, Racing Investigating Officers and Betting Investigators and Analysts.

Without a racing Judge, winners would not be announced. Judges are responsible for announcing the final results of a race, providing a record of the race, and in the event of a close finish Judges must be able to analyze the finish line photo to ensure that the correct horse takes the first prize home. To become a Stewards’ Secretary, the job applicant must have extensive knowledge of the rules of horse racing and how the industry works. It is a job that requires traveling to various venues to ensure that race days run according to the rules and regulations of the horse racing industry. Stewards’ Secretaries work closely with jockeys, employees and the management the racecourses and could be described as being representatives of the horse racing authorities.

Starters keep the entire race day together. They have an extremely important job, from ensuring the horses behave and the race starts on time; to being in charge of all the personnel on the racecourse, and looking out for unacceptable behavior from jockeys. It is quite a stressful job and it is important to have enough knowledge in regard to racing, horses and jockeys to keep everything running smoothly on the racetrack. Inspectors of Courses need to make sure that a course is safe for both the horse and jockey, and looks at surfaces, hurdles and fencing to determine the safely of the course.

So many safety precautions have to be taken to ensure that a race day remains entertaining and adventurous, and without people in regulation positions horse racing would be marred with accidents, tragedy and underhanded tactics. Regulation personnel insure safety and fairness at all times. Those who are interested in careers in regulations must remember that the most important quality of these jobs is to have a true love for horses and the sport. Every career in this division is rewarding, as every job is essential to horse racing and together they form a solid racing structure that ensures that everyone, from the horses to the spectators, enjoy a marvelous day of racing.

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