Exciting Upgrade of Hoosier Park

Hoosier Park in Anderson, Indiana, was opened in 1994 as the first pari-mutuel horse racing business in Indiana. Hoosier Park started off as a standardbred race track, later adding thoroughbred racing. This well-known and popular horse racing venue has all the amenities that one would expect from a top class facility and plans are moving ahead for extensions and renovations to Hoosier Park that are expected to attract even more visitors.

The major part of the project is a 92,000 square foot casino to house thousands of slot machines that will be built next to the current clubhouse. This new building will feature a bar and lounge area, VIP area, deli, coffee shop and buffet. The clubhouse itself will also be renovated to include a restaurant as well as a walkway and escalators to the new casino. The owners of Hoosier Park, Centaur Racing Incorporated, see this expansion as being good news for the economy of the Anderson community. Local business owners agree and many of them are hoping to be included in providing services and materials for the construction project.

New York based company LPCiminelli has been appointed to lead the construction of the Hoosier Park project. LPCiminelli has a long and reliable record of building similar gaming facilities, which was the motivating factor behind Centaur Racing Inc making this choice.

Centaur Racing Inc. have estimated that the $400 million project will be complete by June 2008. LPCiminelli consider this to be a “fast track” project in view of the limited time given to complete it, but are confident that they are capable of rising to the challenge.

It is estimated that about 600 new jobs will be created with this project at Hoosier Park. Job creation is something that Anderson desperately needs as the unemployment in the area has risen due to some larger factories moving away. The Anderson community offers a number of activities and interesting sights in the area that horse racing fans might like to explore when they visit Hoosier Park. It is hoped that the spin-off from this new development will benefit the local community in this way as well.

As the project at Hoosier Park forges ahead, it seems to be certain that this development will benefit not only horse racing fans, but the entire community of Anderson.