George Bakers Victorious

The fact that a horse named George Baker eventually developed into a winning horse and recently took the John Smith’s Handicap, which was hosted at the Leicester Racecourse, is not such an unusual story, as many horses have developed into winners. It is the fact that all involved in the story of this horse are named George Baker that makes it such a remarkable story. And it was the first time that all four George Bakers shared the same victory. George Baker, the horse, is beginning to show that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

It started with Harry Findlay approaching trainer George Baker and asking him what he thought of the idea of buying a yearling, naming the horse George Baker and then getting jockey, George Baker, to ride him. At first the British Horseracing Authority was opposed to the name, stating that it could be very confusing, but eventually relented, and the name was approved. Baker (trainer) commented that this was only the beginning of their journey, as George Baker (horse) has now begun to thrive, so the future looks good for this unusual team.

The horse was moved to Hampshire Stables, and has won five of his last six starts, which included being ridden by a supermodel, Edie Campbell, during a Goodwood Racecourse charity event. Findlay eventually decided to sell George Baker, and the trainer attended the sales, buying his namesake back. What made the sale even more interesting is the fact that he was approached by an under-bidder, who requested if he could buy half shares in the horse. To Baker's surprise, the under-bidder’s name was Danny George Baker, but known to friends and family as George.

George Baker (jockey), has been seeking a victory on George Baker for a while now, and crossing the finish line in first place was an emotional and historical moment for the Baker Partnership in the John Smith Handicap. Each time George Baker rode, it seemed that victory kept eluding him on George Baker (horse), but it finally came together and the four George Bakers now have something to celebrate.

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