Horse Racing Complex for China

Approximately twenty minutes from Beijing lies the sixth largest city of China, namely Tianjin. With a massive urban land area and natural resources, such as the Yangtze River, Hai He River and Yellow River, the landscapes surrounding Tianjin are as picturesque as they are productive. Recently a new project has been unveiled that will boost the economy of Tianjin and bring a new era of horse racing to this region. Tianjin Horse City is said to be constructed just outside of the city, and one of the major benefactors to the project is the Meydan Group.

The Meydan Group from Dubai is responsible for the recent completion of the Meydan Horse Racing Complex, which has been labeled as one the most prestigious horse racing venues in the world. It has just hosted the Dubai World Cup, and due to its success, China has approached the Meydan Group for their support and input into the construction of the Tianjin Horse City. The project has been divided into two phases and it is estimated that the project will take approximately ten years to complete. Meydan will be working on the project in conjunction with Teo A. Khing Design, Zhouji Jiye and Tianjin Farm Group and the International Equine Group.

It is estimated that the Tianjin Horse City will cost in the region of $4 billion, and that developing the district in regard to horse racing will take an additional $1.46 billion. The horse racing complex planned for China will feature a grandstand that will be constructed in the form of a phoenix, a symbol of prosperity. Other features and facilities of the racing complex will include luxury hotels, residential areas, a base for horse breeding, quarantine facilities, a plant to produce feed, offices for commercial purposes, a clubhouse and an equine medical facility.

Work on this state of the art facility is set to begin within the next year, and a statement released in regard to the project stated: “It is estimated that the project will pay hundreds of millions of taxes and profits to the State within five years, provide employment for 10,000, and develop a horse industry economy that will establish production franchise of standard scales across China”.

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