Horse Racing Enthusiasts of Tomorrow

Most horse racing enthusiasts will agree that children should be exposed to the joys of loving horses, and to learning to look after them, early in life. Many opponents of the sport equate horse racing to senseless and exploitative gambling, and have no equine knowledge at first hand. Your children need not take to horse racing in the classical sense, but all young people can benefit from close association with horses, and an absorbing outdoor pastime.

This is why the American Quarter Horse Association is so special in the horse racing universe. This body has a wing dedicated to young people, and provides comprehensive facilities and judicious attractions as well, to inculcate young people in to the best traditions of horse racing. Young people can learn basic skills related to riding and to looking after horses, and the related group activities provide wonderful group learning experiences which no school can provide.

The American Quarter Horse Youth Association has come a long way since its humble beginnings more than three decades ago. It has grown more than ten fold since its inception, with over 35 thousand members. Children from all over the world are amongst the members, which gives the organization international influence in horse racing. Children from additional and new countries join almost every year. An annual show and competition is the highlight of the organization’s calendar each year. No other organization has a matching horse racing event exclusively for young people.

Therapeutic riding is one of the most important activities promoted by this horse racing association. It helps children learn to balance, coordinate their movements, and to improve their postures. Riding also helps joints and muscles develop fully. Children with a variety of disabilities can benefit from therapeutic riding. This activity is one of the principal benefits your family and you can enjoy by joining the American Quarter Horse Association. Apart from helping your children enjoy horses and equine activities your membership brings you useful registration and transfer facilities as a horse owner.

Become a member of the American Quarter Horse Association today, and introduce your entire family to a whole world of equine pleasures!