Horse Racing Every Month of the Calendar!

Horse racing enthusiasts, who chafe at the bit during the long lay-offs at local race tracks, will be delighted to know that Kingston in Jamaica has events every single month of the year! This idyllic island in the Atlantic, just off the South American continent, has a richly deserved reputation for top quality recreation to suit all tastes and wallets.

The Caymanas Park horse racing track and facilities are spread over almost 200 acres, which is really generous considering the relative size of the island as a whole. Attendance can often exceed 10 thousand spectators and punters, though it is the extensive off-track betting system which sustains most interest in horse racing in this part of the world.

The Caribbean is hardly a formal or subtle place, and indeed Jamaicans are known for their plain speaking and earthy approach to life. This spirit shows in the local horse racing, because a striking feature of the sport in Caymanas Park is its virtually complete dedication to sports betting. The race track authorities make no pretense of fine dining, fashion shows or the other accoutrements of horse racing, but leave no stone unturned to give punters a fair handicapping deal.

Few other race tracks offer the kind of detailed information that Caymanas Park provides on exercise and training routines of horses. Gallop and speed times are freely available, so that tourists and casual visitors are not at any adverse handicap versus regular visitors in terms of picking winners. The betting itself is very innovative, and horse racing enthusiasts can place sporting bets on wins, places, combinations of outcomes and on multiple events as well. This kind of variety may play havoc with a careful crafted winning technique, but it certainly adds to the enjoyment and recreation values for spectators.

Off site betting is widely available throughout Kingston, so one does not have to be physically at Caymanas Park for every event. This helps tourists for there is so much to see and do in Jamaica. Nevertheless, every visit to the picturesque and colorful race track is worthwhile, and an experience in itself.

Jamaica is a place of great contradictions, with extremes of wealth and poverty juxtaposed next to each other. Though this can be somewhat disconcerting for the average vacationer, the standards of wagering in horse racing are uniformly high and reliable. So the next time the lonely prospects of waiting for the next local horse racing season get to you, considering an invigorating horse racing break in Kingston, Jamaica!

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