Horse Racing Returns to Boise, Idaho

Horse racing enthusiasts had a bad time during the 2005 season due to an interruption in live events at Boise in Idaho. Lariat Productions, which had operated horse racing in this beautiful city on the banks of a river, with tall mountains on the horizon, was asked by County officials to withdraw at the end of the 2004 season. It took a year for Capitol Racing to step in and to take over. Horse racing will recommence in Boise on the fifth of next month, and the season will continue throughout summer with almost 50 days of events.

This is especially good news because of the many outdoor recreation attractions around the Boise River. The city is always inviting for a visit with a wide array of natural history, arts and culture offers. The city zoo has a splendid collection of exotic animals, which includes Idaho’s only sloth bear! This makes Boise a great choice for a horse racing vacation, with plenty of time to relax and soak up the glorious Idaho countryside. Horse racing is confined to three days of the week, which is really just right to combine with other diversions to which punters would look forward.

We live in an age of simulcast wagering and of horse racing television, so news of the live version of the regal sport returning to one of America’s best cities, is something to celebrate and to support as well. Do plan your horse racing holiday in Boise this summer!