Horse Racing You Can Trust

Horse racing is a special kind of gambling, and the recent spread of simulcast wagering brings new punters from other forms of online gambling by the day and in enormous numbers. Horse racing offers systematic winning techniques and transparent systems which gives sports betting enthusiasts fair odds.

It combines sporting bets with a love for horses, and entertains with thrilling encounters on every race track. The unique combination of thoroughbred and jockey is unlike any other major sport. Casual visitors and browsers quickly become inveterate enthusiasts!

The July 2006 U.S. action against illegal inter-State gambling puts horse racing in a special position. People accustomed to recreation in the form of sporting bets placed on the Internet will now look out for legitimate web sites where they can indulge in their fancies. Horse racing stands apart from most other forms of online gambling because it involves careful thinking as opposed to random chance alone. Wagering in horse racing has always involved diligent study of the sport and knowledge of the skills required to win events. Many factors have bearings on wins and places, and it takes years of passionate following for the sport to hit the jackpot in all sense of the term.

Horse racing is not immune from illegal betting rackets. That is why the International Federation of Horse Racing Authorities (IFHA) has developed the Racing Trust Mark. The latter is a symbol given only to those horse racing operators who follow all national laws in conducting events. The IFHA has operated since 1993 and has more than 50 members. The Racing Trust Mark assures you of fair handicapping and protects you from inadvertently breaking rules regarding horse racing in another country.

Support the Racing Trust Mark by limiting your wagering in horse racing to sites and tracks that have won the certification from the IFHA. This will protect your interests and further the cause of your favorite sport at the same time. Write to us if you would like to have a list of all the race tracks that sport the Racing Trust Mark.

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