Incredible Horse Racing Deal from Saratoga

Though horse racing in ancient times was the sport of kings, it is a democratic right in the United States of today. Owning one horse is special enough, but how about 15 of them? This dream can be true for no more than $4 thousand!

The Saratoga Thoroughbred Club, formed by a small but delightfully innovative group of horse racing lovers, has purchased 15 thoroughbreds and parked them at a large farm owned by the father of one the founding members of the group. This farm has a total of well over 50 horses. The ones owned by the Saratoga Thoroughbred Club will start training soon and will join the New York circuit next August under the WOW racing banner.

The founders have put up an offer of shares at initial amounts of $4 thousand each, and each investor can buy up to a maximum of 5 shares. The first 10 people to take up this great offer get to name the horses as well. Nothing can match the joy of raising horses and watching them compete in events. We are accustomed to thinking of these pleasures wistfully because owning thoroughbreds are supposed to be a preserve of the rich: cheers to Saratoga for exploding that myth!