Lear Jetta Catches the Public Eye

Most people wait their whole lives to find the right horse and never get the opportunity to own that illusive winner. Jim McAuliffe, at the age of ninety-one, is one of the lucky owners who found the perfect harness racing horse. In 2006, at the Harrisburg Yearling Sale, a beautiful colt with an impressive pedigree caught his eye. He bought Lear Jetta for $30 000 and has never regretted his purchase for a moment.

Jim McAuliffe has always been involved in harness racing and it has been his passion. He never misses a race, but has to be happy with watching his magnificent horse perform from the comfort of his living room. Due to an old war injury to his ankle, McAuliffe does not feel the need to challenge the crowds at the track to enjoy the sight of Lear Jetta being taken through his winning paces. He puts his trust and faith in his trainer, driver and the courage of his two year old colt.

Lear Jetta has enjoyed eleven wins from his twelve career starts, and has shown his potential from the moment he first stepped out onto the racetrack. Bobby Myers, who has been Jim McAuliffe’s horse trainer for almost seven years, takes care of Lear Jetta at all the races, and Tim Tetrick, Lear Jetta’s driver, has become accustomed to steering this phenomenal colt to victory. His wonderful understanding and relationship with the harness racing wonder saw the pair glide to victory at the much anticipated Breeders Crown, which took place in Meadowlands.

McAuliffe is no fool when it comes to racing, and knows that he has found a trotter that will probably go down in history and become a legend in his own right. But when asked, McAuliffe will tell everyone that the greatest trotter that ever stepped out onto the racetrack was a horse named Greyhound. He was a racing legend in the 1930’s, and still evokes emotions of wonder and awe in McAuliffe.

Obviously, Lear Jetta started making a name for himself with his amazing wins and quite a few people have been trying to get their hands on him. But, to all the buying hopefuls, all offers are in vain, as Lear Jetta is not, and will not, be for sale for a very long time. He will be taking spectators breaths away for many more years, under the guidance of Tetrick and Myers, and the ownership of Jim McAuliffe.