Loss of Top Jockey

The loss of jockey Stathi Katsidis came as a massive shock to the Australian horse racing industry, as he was a member of the horse racing community that was well liked and respected. His magnificent performances on the track also branded him as a top jockey. With the Cox Plate looming, many are left in despair and disbelief that this wonderful jockey will not be in the starting gates at the 2010 Cox Plate, which will be hosted this Saturday on 23 October 2010. His legacy will, however, continue to live on through those who loved and knew him.

The police are still investigating the death of the 31 year old Stathi Katsidis, even though no suspicious circumstances are being considered. It is believed that the talented Katsidis succumbed to a drug overdose, which is the suspected cause of death at the present time. Stathi Katsidis waited a long time to see his name in the headlines and worked tirelessly to become one of the top Australian jockeys. Unfortunately, he was also a jockey that fought with drug and alcohol related issues, as he struggled with his weight. But even though there were a few problems that he faced every day, no-one could fault him on his ability to ride a horse to victory. He was the regular jockey for a horse named Shoot Out, which he rode into the winners circle at the AJC Derby in April of this year. Shoot Out is entered into the Cox Plate, and jockey Corey Brown has now been requested to take the place of Katsidis. In a press conference Brown expressed his deep sadness at the loss of a fellow jockey, but also added that it was an honor for him to continue the journey that Katsidis started on Shoot Out.

Brown was quoted saying to the media: “I’ve got no doubt Stathi will be riding alongside me. I actually had a phone call from his fiancée asking me to use his silks. So not only will he be riding on my back, I will have his name on the side of my pants. He had a great connection with the horse so I’ve got to fill some big boots. I’d love to able to ask Stathi how to ride him but I’ll go over all the videos and see what he had done on him and try to do him proud. It’s a great privilege to be asked to ride the horse in these circumstances.”