Miami Airport Horse Racing Proposal

Finding solutions to a financial problem can get tricky, especially when gambling is considered an option. The Miami Airport is proposing the use of slot machines to increase their annual income, but in order to install slot machines they need a premises where gambling is already permitted. To solve this problem, they have reached out to a nearby racecourse, but if negotiations with the race course fail, they have a secondary proposal, which has already lifted eyebrows and received its fair share of criticism.

The Miami Airport is looking to horse racing and the slots installed at racing venues, referred to racinos, as an additional source of income. According to their projections, the airport will be able to produce an income of approximately $17 million from the slot machines, if the racecourse agrees to their proposal. Miami-Dade has not seen quarter horse racing in quite a while, and the airport believes that if they are able to revive this sport, they will be able to install their slot machines and create a racino. Their alternative proposal has left quite a few members of the horse racing community and the general public scratching their heads.

If negotiations with the racecourses do not turn out positive for the Miami Airport, they have suggested that the employee’s car park be turned into a racecourse. They have proposed that the car park is big enough to construct the required J-looped racecourse for quarter horse racing, and have already submitted their proposal to the Pari-Mutuel Wagering division. The racecourse would accommodate between twenty to forty race events a year. Over and above many wondering where the employees will park once their parking bays have been converted to a quarter horse racing track, it is the safety and welfare of the horses that raise a question. It is believed that airport officials have not really given much thought to how horses would react to airplanes landing and taking off right above them, as some skittish horses might not approve of the commotion and noise levels produced by an airport. The outcome of this unusual proposal will be determined by authorities and many are waiting anxiously for the verdict, especially those who are not in favor of this proposal.

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