New Approach for Weekend Hussler

In Australia, one of the most prestigious racing events of the year is the Caulfield Cup. Run at the Caulfield Racecourse, the race covers a distance of 2 400 meters, or twelve furlongs, and is a racing event for three year old horses and over. This year, thousands of spectators and punters will be pinning their hopes on the spectacular Weekend Hussler, to win the Caulfield Cup that has been a part of the horse racing tradition in Australia since 1879. The $2.5 million Caulfield Cup is set to have a magnificent lineup of contenders and to be an unforgettable racing event.

Weekend Hussler has been a favorite for the betting public for a while now, but on 4 October, at the Turnbull Stakes, he delivered a rather disappointing performance, by finishing in eighth position. Trainer, Ross McDonald, has known that Weekend Hussler has a narrow throat, and has now decided to take decisive action to assist his champion horse with his breathing. He has therefore been training Weekend Hussler with a tongue-tie, which seems to have helped tremendously.

A tongue-tie is quite a simple device. It is a strip of hosiery that is placed over the tongue and tied underneath the jaw. The purpose of the tongue-tie is to flatten the back part of the tongue, which ensures that the tongue is extended. It therefore prevents the horse’s airway being obstructed by the rising of the soft palate and allows for comfortable breathing. Being timed privately during training, McDonald has seen a great improvement in Weekend Hussler’s performance, with the aid of the tongue-tie, and feels that his horse is going to deliver an even greater performance during the Caulfield Cup. At present, the three top horses for the Caulfield Cup victory, according to the betting public, is Weekend Hussler, Littorio and Master O’Reilly.

Rumors of Weekend Hussler being scratched if he were to draw an undesirable pole position were dismissed by McDonald, saying that he was personally going to draw for Weekend Hussler, and that he would race no matter which starting gate is drawn. The Caulfield Cup will be attracting thousands of spectators on race day, and Weekend Hussler seems ready to give them a memorable performance.