New Ways to Enjoy Horse Racing During Winter in the U.K

“Too bad, the horse racing season is coming to an end”. What can be worse than hearing this refrain amongst friends? Modern horse racing tracks and drainage systems have made horse racing possible even just after a sharp shower, and the Swiss have found a way of horse racing on ice, but most of the temperate world remains with less than even 50 days of events in a calendar year.

God bless satellites, because these pies in the sky make it possible for horse racing nuts enjoy their passion throughout the year, never mind if it is snowing outside! Simulcast wagering has a charm all of its own, because it is not unlike a fairy tale coming true! Images of greenery and sunshine, with magnificent horses, can warm the cockles of people burdened by a grey and severe winter! Wagering success helps a lot as well!

California horse racing is a top choice for people starved of horse racing in their cold and windy backyards! Hollywood Park is every bit as exciting as its name suggests, and a horse racing vacation in this paradise is worth all the miles that may separate you from this track just over 10 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. A visit in person also offers opportunities to visit glorious beaches and the legendary Beverley Hills. However, simulcast amenities available in the U.K. are a satisfying alternative for those without the time to make trips across the ocean and the North American continent as well.

Hollywood Park has horse racing through November and until the week before Christmas in December as well. Racing UK brings live actions in to homes in Great Britain. Churchill Downs and the famed Magna Entertainment Company have come together to offer this delightful facility through Racing UK. Racing UK is owned by top English and Irish race courses, ensuring a high standard of television coverage of the sport. Subscriptions to Racing UK have already doubled over the company’s original plans, so you should join the ‘Gold Rush’ right away!

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