No Learning Center Shortcuts to Horse Racing Handicapping!

The magnetic prospects of making a quick fortune from horse racing place every Learning Center in high demand. However, punters who have thrived for years on earnings from the sport, warn that understanding handicapping does not involve facility with numbers alone.

Every established bookmaker, though understandably secretive about their methodologies, can serve as an ideal Learning Center for the diligent student of horse racing. Combining one’s own ground zero knowledge of horses, riders and race conditions with odds on offer, before and after each event, produces steady insights.

There are many variables to take in to account in picking winners in horse racing. Bystanders are often bemused at the sight of an inveterate enthusiast pouring endlessly over a racing sheet before an important race.

A general Learning Center principle of value is to aim for modest but steady wins over a long period of time. You may hear some tales of incredible beginner’s luck and record jackpots, but those who hang around race tracks will generally have subsequent sob stories to accompany most cases of unusually quick and large wins.

Every hour spent at stables and watching thoroughbreds train is worthwhile in Learning Center terms. The best enthusiasts make it a point to secure apparently innocuous details, such as the veterinary histories of the horses they follow and behavior before and during events. The Learning Center approach should have loads of patience, and there is much to be analyzed over and again by studying racing forms and video replays of past races.

Meticulous record keeping is a common shortfall within groups of punters. Many have no accounts of their net wins or losses, and simply rely on their memories to stack up as much relevant data as they can. The new world of spreadsheets and software has the potential to enable us to break free of constraints of our math abilities, though purists still swear by the traditional approach!