Pierre Lèvesque – Canadian Hall of Fame Inductee

On the 28th of August 2008, the Mississauga Convention Centre rolled out the red carpet for the hosting of the 2008 Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and ensured that everyone in attendance had a memorable evening. Eight names were immortalized in horse racing history, even though a hint of sadness hung in the air, with horse racing in Montreal coming to an end. But inductees can look back on their achievements with pride, as the honor of being inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame is a great privilege.

The inductees for 2008 consisted of four horses and four members of the horse racing community who had contributed to the racing industry. Two thoroughbred horses, namely Smart Strike and Wilderness Song were inducted, along with two standardbred horses, Real Desire and Peaceful Way. Other inductees included Cliff Chapman and Louis Cauz, both builders; trainer Bob Tiller and breeder Pierre Lèvesque.

Now, at age 75, Pierre Lèvesque has been recognized for his contributions to the thoroughbred racing industry. He has been a part of the racing scene in Quebec since the 1960’s, but only received international distinction during the 1990’s because of a magnificent broodmare named Amour Angus. Lèvesque began Angus Farm and built it up to become one of the biggest breeding farms in Quebec. Although he has downsized dramatically, the farm was once home to almost a hundred mares and five stallions, and Amour Angus stole the show. She produced legendary horses such as Andover Hall, Conway Hall, Angus Hall and Emilie Cas El, of which Angus Hall would go on to become a leading sire, with progeny such as Pampered Princess, Majestic Son and Peaceful Way.

Lèvesque sold Amour Angus to Walnut Hall while still in foal with Angus Hall and Conway Hall as her weanling, in 1995. But Angus Farm survived difficult times to go on and produce many champion horses. The stallions at the farm included Magna Force, Franz Hanover, Bye Bye Pat and Champ Adios, but now only has Imperial Angus left, who is located in New York at present.

But each inductee has deserved their place in the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, and Pierre Lèvesque has most definitely put in the time, money and dedication to breeding quality racehorses to finally be honored for his years of commitment.